Thursday, February 18, 2010

Normal Multi-Millions Puzzle

Question: What has accommodations for train passengers and bus passengers, offices, Council chambers, a funky clock, and a $22 million (million!) federal grant?

Answer: The soon-to-be-built Normal Multimodal Transportation Center.

Value for Normal's future: Priceless!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Normal Term Limits?

I just read that the former Mayor of Honolulu, Frank Fasi, died. He had served as mayor for 22 years!! Known as "Fearless Frank," he once drove a bulldozer to the parking lot next to City Hall and had the parking lot transformed into a park (now named for him). The NYT obituary also says that Mayor Fasi had tried to start a light-rail network (it's about to be built), he bought a private bus company to end a bus strike, and he started community gardens and farmers' markets.

On the one hand, maybe when an elected official becomes known as "Fearless," it's time to think about term limits. On the other hand, citizens kept reelecting him, so they must have approved of his actions. Normal mayors serve 4-year terms but there doesn't seem to be a limit on how many terms they may serve. Should there be a limit?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Normal Valentine

“I Love Normal” (to the tune “I Love Paris” – with embellishments)

Every time I look down on this timeless (college) town,
Whether blue or gray (or threatening green) be her skies,
Whether loud (like car stereos) be her cheers,
Or whether soft (like slushy snow) be her tears,
More and more do I realize that. . .

I love Normal in the (severe weather) spring time.
I love Normal in the (blustery) fall.
I love Normal in the (humid) summer when it sizzles.
I love Normal in the (bitterly cold, icy) winter when it drizzles.

I love Normal every (windy) moment,
Every moment of the year.
I love Normal. Why, oh why, do I love Normal?
Because my love (job) is here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Normal Photos Needed!

The web site is having a contest: send in pictures of Normal (or any town/city on their site) and you could win one of 6 $200 prizes. They want JPEG pictures that don't feature people, just the town. The contest ends March 31, so enter soon!! Let's flood them with pictures of lovely Normal!