Sunday, March 28, 2010

Normal Scrapbooking

I foolishy volunteered to create a scrapbook for an organization that I belong to that is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The only other time that I've made a scrapbook was when I was in middle school, and it consisted of birthday cards and various other documents taped to the pages. I realize that scrapbooks have now been elevated to the status of "hobby" which means that they will be more time-consuming and expensive. After spending a great deal of time looking for just the right stickers and paper (and spending a fair amount of money), I then spent literally hours putting together the pages. And it still isn't finished! I'm seeing stickers in my sleep.

I can testify to the fact that Normal stores have many scrapbook items to choose from, so if you are planning to enter the scrapbook zone (imagine scary music), rest assured that you will be able to amaze friends and family with your works of art after spending many hours and dollars at the local scrapbook-enablers. (Don't forget the glue dots! Whoever invented those things deserves an award.)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Normal Envy

Merna is the new Normal! Some Normal residents have received Census 2010 forms that say "Merna" instead of "Normal." [Sigh!] This is a great example of why proofreading is so important. No one takes the time to proofread any mre. :)

At the "Director's Blog" for the 2010 Census, it says:
"Some of the addresses on census forms list a city name that is not yours (some even arrive without a city name). Don’t worry.

Take that, Merna!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Normal Bicycling Directions a la Google

I tried the new bicycling directions at Google maps, asking for directions from Heartland Community College to an address by Landmark Mall. The directions included a u-turn onto the Constitution Trail at the college, which is kind of strange, and then proceeded east on Raab Rd., to south on the Trail, to east on College Ave. I understand taking the Constitution Trail but College Avenue seems a little risky for a bicyclist. Getting directions for biking is a nice feature to add, but it does reveal the lack of safe bike lanes throughout town.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Normal Citation$

In Normal’s “Corporation Counsel 2009 Annual Report” there is a list of the number of police citations and fines paid for those citations. The relatively low numbers probably don’t reflect the actual amount of activity occurring. Examples include: 1 count of criminal damage to property; 1 count of noisy animals; 5 counts of permitting a dog to run at large; 1 count of solicitation; 104 counts of possession of cannabis; 4 counts of possession of fraudulent ID; 1 count of theft plus restitution less than $300; 2 counts of disturbing quiet; and 1 count of public nudity. The total dollar amount collected from all of the police citations in 2009 was $618,832.30. If all violations were discovered/reported and given citations, how much more would that amount be?