Sunday, April 5, 2009

TON Department of Finance

The Department of Finance handles the money for the town of Normal. In a nutshell, total assets outweigh total liabilities. That's always good. Specific items of interest include the fact that sales and income taxes provided the greatest revenue and public safety required the greatest expenditures. When you look at a rank-ordering of department spending for the previous fiscal year, Police is at the top and Mayor and Council are at the bottom (a real bargain, I'd say). Just 1,330 customers are using the electronic water bill payment system (out of 16,176 water accounts) but perhaps more people will pay using the internet. Many people "contributed" to parking ticket revenue for last year, with the most revenue collected in February (maybe people are sloppy about parking during winter weather?) and the least revenue collected in July (maybe because there are fewer vehicles in Normal, or because more people are biking and walking?).

One final note: the annual budget document received the Government Finance Officers Association's "Distinguished Budget Presentation Award" for the 16th consecutive year. I'm not sure what the criteria are for that award, but it sounds like Normal's Finance Department has them all figured out. Let's try for number 17 next year!!

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