Monday, September 28, 2009

Normal's Bicycling Proponent, et al.

There was an article in Sunday's (9/27/09) Parade about the Mayor of Columbia, Missouri, promoting bicycling in that town. He wants to transform it "into one of the nation’s premier cycling cities." The Mayor of Boston also advocates cycling. And, of course, our own Mayor of Normal, Chris Koos, is the quintessential bicycling proponent. Hhhmmmm, what is it with Mayors and bicycles??


  1. Maybe they all own bicycle shops!

  2. I'm not totally sure, but it may be an indirect attempt to, both, make a city greener (encouraging bike travel over motor travel) as well as improving overall community health; More active lifestyles encourage healthier living, less heart disease and all that, resulting ultimately in lower health care costs. While this may not be the actual reason, those are some long term effects of a sustained trend, as well as less damage to roads and fewer accidents.