Saturday, July 10, 2010

Normal SCAF

This year, the Sugar Creek Arts Festival returned to its original location along the streets of Uptown Normal. Very hot, flat, and crowded (hey, someone should write a book with that title!). The parking deck was nearly full (hello, fourth level) and the area between the booths/tents was packed -- and this was right after it opened at 10:00. Maybe everyone was trying to get there early in the day before it got even hotter. There is so much to see and buy that I don't think people have to worry about missing out on anything if they attend later. Lots of jewelry, pottery, accessories, and unique art.

Why people bring their dog to the event is perplexing, although I'm sure it's very exciting for the dog -- lots of people and billions of odors to experience.

I'm quite proud of myself for resisting the desire to buy a lovely silver necklace with blue stones. In fact, I didn't buy anything (not even food or drink). But I had a nice time looking at everything and I'm sure the artists sold lots of items even without any purchases from me. The Festival has obviously become quite popular and that's good for everyone.

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