Friday, August 20, 2010

Normal: Future Bicycle City?

Columbia, South Carolina, has been chosen for the location of a "Bicycle City" -- a development that is car-free (cars must be parked on the perimeter). There is also the requirement that all buildings are LEED-certified. Of course, they've got a good climate for biking. Even so, I wonder if there would be much interest for such a place in or near Normal. Would people be willing to have less convenient access to their cars in exchange for the benefits of not having vehicles in the neighborhood (no traffic noise, no car stereos booming, children could safely ride in the streets, etc.)? The article about Bicycle City does not address issues such as garbage pickup and delivery trucks. Obviously, emergency vehicles would be allowed in.

In an era when we want everything personalized to meet our own wants and needs, it's not surprising that someone would come up with the idea of a specialized subdivision. There will probably be more of these in the future (and maybe they can retrofit some older neighborhoods to meet consumer demand).

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