Friday, October 8, 2010

Normal Night Lights

An interview with a light artist and designer raises the issue of lighting in town at night and how it contributes to our experience of that space.  I'm more of a morning person so I'm not familiar with how Uptown Normal looks at night -- how much street light illuminates sidewalks, how light from inside store fronts spills out onto the sidewalks, how harsh the lighting is from a pedestrian's view, how colorful the lights are, and other properties of lighting that should be considered.  I know that the Normal Theater sign is quite colorful and eye-catching at night. Other than that, I'm in the dark about the lights.

Most of us don't notice lighting until the holiday lights go up. Then, we notice how much those lights perk up a place (when tastefully displayed). The right outdoor lighting in a town can make it more enjoyable to visit, so I think it's worth considering. Hopefully, some lighting expert will take a critical look at Normal's lights and make suggestions about possible improvements.


  1. Just discovered your blog when I googled the multimodal transportation center in Normal. I grew up in Normal but live far away now but I enjoy keeping up with what's going on in my home town. I've enjoyed your observations on Normal.