Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Normal Urban Chickens (NUCS): Phase I and Beyond

The Normal Town Council has passed the proposal for an urban chicken ordinance to the Planning Commission for a public hearing and discussion. If the proposal is recommended and approved, I wonder what effects this will have on Normal in the future. . .
1 year
The town of Normal welcomed hens. EIEIO
Across the town they live in pens. EIEIO
With a cluck, cluck here and a squawk, squawk there.
Here a cluck, there a squawk, everywhere a cluck squawk!
Urban chickens are our friends. EIEIO

7 years
"Redbirds" now replaced by "NUCS." EIEIO
But "NUCS" rhymes really well with "sucks." EIEIO
With a "NUCS sucks!" here and a "NUCS sucks!" there.
Here a "NUCS," there a "sucks" everywhere a "NUCS sucks!"
Mascot name is now in flux. EIEIO

12 years
Feral chickens roam the town. EIEIO
In Normal parks across the ground. EIEIO
With a rotten egg here and a rotten egg there.
Here an egg, there an egg, everywhere a rotten egg.
Watch your step, there's quite a mound! EIEIO

15 years
NUCS and Normal pigeons met. EIEIO
Soon little pigkens they beget. EIEIO
With a cloo cuck here and a cloo cuck there.
Here a cloo, there a cuck, everywhere a cloo cuck.
Designer pests -- the latest yet! EIEIO

20 years
"Foxy Normal" now it's known. EIEIO
Fox population overgrown. EIEIO
With a red fox here and a grey fox there.
Here a fox, there a fox, everywhere a foxy fox.
Normal fowl the coop have flown. EIEIO

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