Saturday, July 30, 2011

Normal Electric Cars for Microtransit

The idea of using electric cars for microtransit -- short trips -- would work well around Normal. Of course, off-campus ISU students might like to use it to get to classes from their apartment and back again, and Heartland students might be willing to use it to get from distant parking lots to their classroom building (mainly on days with lousy weather). But what about other uses? Perhaps older residents would appreciate a quick trip to the mall or to a restaurant. Yes, there are taxi services in town, but e-rides could probably be offered at a lower cost because the cost of gas would not have to be included in the fare. (Slow-moving electric vehicles would not be able to travel on most town streets so would not work for around-town trips.)

Restrictions on the distance traveled per ride could eliminate the e-rides as competition for the local bus system. And many people who do not want to ride a bus for whatever reason but who only want to travel relatively short distances are a potential source of customers.

Something to consider.

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