Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Normal 2011: What a year!

Shepard Park is on the map!
Masonic Temple leaves a gap.

St. Pat’s Parade big hit Uptown!
“Fool’s Fest” does not get off the ground.

Uptown Station’s looking great!
High speed rail tracks await.

New garbage carts for every home!
Alas, no urban chickens roam.

The Circle occupies first place:
Smart Growth Award, Best Public Space!

Humble town of Normal stars
In ad for little electric cars.

Crutcher and Hill retired -- a pity!
And Fruin left for Iowa City. (Really, Geoff? Iowa??)

2012: Redeveloped Holiday Inn?
And that Uptown One hole may get filled in?

Happy New Year, Normal!

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