Sunday, March 11, 2012

Normal Skyline

There are quite a few web sites featuring impressive skylines, like this one.  Of course, Normal's skyline probably doesn't merit a picture on any of those sites. I think skylines without lots of buildings are worthy of attention. That's why I've posted a picture of one view of (northwest) Normal's skyline. While the foreground isn't much to look at, I like the view across the field and the line of power poles. No tall buildings, no water tower, no church spires. All of those things make for interesting skylines, too, but aren't always necessary. The full moon in this picture is just a nice addition.  In just a year or so, this view will be very different, with at least one building being added (and probably more).

I like flat, field-dominated, Illinois skylines. I hope we can keep a few of them around Normal so we can appreciate a view without tall buildings, lots of signs, cell towers, and even wind turbines (which make for some interesting pictures, I admit).

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