Sunday, September 2, 2012

Normal Bags

The Governor has vetoed a bill that would have required manufacturers to set up programs for recycling plastic bags. This may result in plastic bag bans. I remember the days before plastic bags, when groceries were packed into paper bags and it was difficult to carry more than two bags at a time. I didn't like plastic bags when they first came out because the bag would not sit upright -- items flopped all over the place and even spilled out of the bags.  I've gotten used to plastic bags, though, and have come to depend on them for wastebasket liners. (I still don't like the floppiness and the bags usually end up with holes in them, making them risky for transporting trash.)

The hoped for result of banning plastic bags, of course, is everyone carrying reusable cloth bags to stores. It will be interesting to see if this happens if the bags are banned. (Have you ever gotten in line behind someone with reusable bags? It seems to take longer to pack those.)

Will Normal be better with the ban?

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