Saturday, January 31, 2015

Normal Crossroads Mall Retrofit

I saw this article about good ideas for retrofitting suburban malls and it made me think about how the Crossroads Center could be updated to attract people.  Some ideas include: a great outdoor space with a pathway around  and maybe through the massive parking lot for people who like to walk or run; outdoor eateries (for use during good weather, of course); outdoor features and seating (again, for use during good weather); lots of green area, and businesses appealing to a variety of shoppers and users. Food trucks could provide additional dining opportunities during the summer.

Obviously, there are plenty of spaces currently available for businesses, but they aren't coming and this might be due to the lack of appeal of the outside space and lack of an overall plan for what type of experience the Center would provide. Someone needs to create a plan for the Center as a whole, which would then attract businesses. Just building it isn't enough. If you plan it, they will come?

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