Thursday, November 26, 2009

Normal Barbee

Just in time for Christmas: Normal Barbee! You’ll enjoy getting Normal Barbee ready for her day at State Farm, dressing her in one of her many corporate outfits. Then, get her to work in her new SUV, remembering to stop at her favorite coffee establishment to get a latté. After work, Normal Barbee passes the time in the local rush hour traffic by chatting with friends and family on her new cell phone. She rushes through yellow-to-red traffic lights, weaving from lane to lane. Uh oh, is that the front end of an NPD car sitting at the entrance to a subdivision? Better help Normal Barbee slow down or her nosy coworkers will see her additional speeding ticket listed on the McLean County Government web site.

When Normal Barbee gets home, she takes time to read the Pantagraph and then gets ready for an evening out at the newest local restaurant. A quick check of the Weather Channel to see if there are any weather emergencies (tornado warning, winter weather advisory, etc.) and then she’s out the door!

You’ll have endless hours of fun with Normal Barbee – getting her through all of the construction zones around town, clipping weekly coupons for her to use at local department stores, and keeping her informed about all of the local special events. You can also watch Normal Barbee go from a Normal newby to an experienced town resident, writing letters of complaint to the Pantagraph, expressing her opinions anonymously on web sites, and letting Town Council members know her concerns about proposed developments. For fun, Normal Barbee can occasionally send humorous items to local columnist Bill Flick.

[Clothes, SUV, coffee cup, cell phone, NPD car, Pantagraph, and TV sold separately.]

Coming soon: Normal Ken – a bespectacled ISU Professor, complete with his own razor for shaving off his thinning hair, his own SUV, and a bottle of blue pills.

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