Saturday, March 6, 2010

Normal Citation$

In Normal’s “Corporation Counsel 2009 Annual Report” there is a list of the number of police citations and fines paid for those citations. The relatively low numbers probably don’t reflect the actual amount of activity occurring. Examples include: 1 count of criminal damage to property; 1 count of noisy animals; 5 counts of permitting a dog to run at large; 1 count of solicitation; 104 counts of possession of cannabis; 4 counts of possession of fraudulent ID; 1 count of theft plus restitution less than $300; 2 counts of disturbing quiet; and 1 count of public nudity. The total dollar amount collected from all of the police citations in 2009 was $618,832.30. If all violations were discovered/reported and given citations, how much more would that amount be?

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