Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Normal Uptown et al.

It turns out that there are other "uptown" projects. Well, one other project, at least. Specifically, Marion, Iowa, has an uptown project in the works. The project addresses "signage, benches, lighting, street trees, sidewalks, and opportunities to accommodate additional pedestrian activities within the Uptown area. The plan will establish a theme for the area that respects the history and architecture of the area, yet also provides a framework for the success of Uptown to sustain long into the future."

Sound somewhat familiar? I'm not sure that there's a specific "theme" for Uptown Normal ("Changing the Definition" is more of a goal than a theme) but the efforts to address the streetscape and to accommodate more activities are the same.

I wonder how many uptown projects are taking place across the country. Is it a fad? Are we riding the crest of a wave in a sea of uptown renewals?

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