Sunday, September 12, 2010

Is Normal Fashion Normal?

The article "On Fashion's Night Out, Normal Hits the Streets" on the New York Times website discusses Fashion Week in New York City and how the fashionistas this year look more like "normal" New Yorkers. So, what is "normal" fashion in Normal? Are there fashion trends around here and if so, are they concentrated among the college students?

Fashionable footwear in Normal seems to reflect extremes: flip-flops and boots. I've seen flip-flops worn in winter and boots worn in summer. Good old medium-blue denim jeans are more common than the overly baggy jeans or the skin-tight-with-trendy-holes jeans. And the popular tops for young females remain the low v-necks over tanks or camisoles. Anyone out of college seems to subscribe to the "whatever is most comfortable" rule of fashion (e.g., no teetering around on uber high heels, no tights that look like jeans or whatever those things are, and no fancy multi-layering-with-loads-of-jangly-accessories). (If you are beyond college and you try to wear the trendy clothes that college students wear, you might want to re-think that.)

Being surrounded by college students and academics, I don't get a chance to see the popular fashions among the corporate set. Someone from State Farm or Country Financial will have to cover that.

There isn't a "Fashion Week" or even a "Fashion Day" in Normal, and there doesn't seem to be any social pressure to be 'fashionable' around here. Maybe we could call our style "Comfortably Normal."

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