Sunday, September 26, 2010

Normal Indoor Positioning Feature Future?

This is an article about indoor positioning. Basically, as I understand (or misunderstand) it, it's like a navigational system for people to use at indoor venues such as grocery stores, malls, and college campus buildings. Looking for the salad dressing at a grocery store? Use the positioning system. Looking for a particular classroom or a particular class (depending on which way the system is set up)? Use the positioning system. Heaven forbid anyone use signs or, even worse, actually ask someone for directions! Wouldn't want to have to put any thought into looking for the product/destination. And you sure don't want to have to interact with another human being.

 [Sigh!] Is this really necessary? Stores and campuses in Normal aren't really that large that someone needs electronic navigation. And in real life, products and classes get moved around. Just deal with it without electronic assistance.

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