Monday, February 7, 2011

Normal Mayor's Whereabouts

New York City's Mayor Bloomberg is facing questions about his whereabouts when not in town. In fact, the Council is considering passing a bill requiring the Mayor to provide notification of his whereabouts. (Isn't 'whereabouts' an odd word?) This issue might be unique to New York City because (a) the Mayor is very wealthy and can afford to jet off to places, including his many vacation homes, and (b) it's a BIG city so when there is a crisis (such as a major snowstorm), city leaders need to know who is in charge, for how long, and where to contact the Mayor in case there are questions.

Do Normal citizens need to know where Normal's Mayor is when he's not in town?  And since this is a part-time position, do we need to know only part of the time? Aren't public officials entitled to some privacy?

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