Friday, February 25, 2011

Normal's Circle as a Square?

There is an article that discusses the importance of "public squares" in current (and past) citizen uprisings. The idea is that we need these (real, not virtual) public spaces to gather, share, and voice our concerns, especially regarding the need for political change. I think that, aside from the section criticizing the role of the U.S. in world politics, the article makes a good point about the significance of public squares.

Would Normal's traffic circle (or do you call it the roundabout?) serve as such a public square? (I can see someone with a megaphone, getting people riled up as they march around the circle, carrying signs!) Or would citizens be more likely to gather on the ISU campus? I'm not suggesting that there is any current need for a gathering to seek political change in Normal! Just wondering if the lack of an obvious central public gathering place in the business district (as opposed to public parks, for example) would inhibit efforts of residents to publicly join together to express their concerns about some issue.

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