Monday, February 13, 2012

Normal: Second Best City for Singles, Sort of

Kiplinger has named the "10 Best Cities for Singles" and Bloomington (IL) ranks second. Since the photo shows Normal, we'll assume they either meant Normal or included it with Bloomington.  If you read the introduction to the rankings, you will see that they refer to the presence of "swinging singles" (where are they??) and their idea of a date is two movie tickets and a bottle of wine. (Does the couple drink it in the car after the movie, or do they take it in with them?) So, if swinging singles are going to movies and drinking wine in Normal (and possibly also in Bloomington), then I guess that makes it a good place for singles. (Watch out, top ranking Ann Arbor! Your movie tickets and wine are a little cheaper but our singles are swingier! They just didn't account for that in the rankings.)

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