Thursday, April 8, 2010

Normal Oddities

I enjoy using "bing" for online searching because the home page always has unusual pictures with links to information about the source of the pictures. Recently, there was a link to a list of 18 oddities of Yunnan, a province in southwest China. I wondered if I could come up with at least 8 oddities of Normal:

1. Surviving squirrels know how to avoid cars. Seriously, they really know how to avoid cars.
2. Parking is allowed in right-hand driving lanes along streets.
3. Parallel parking, which takes much more finesse, has replaced angled parking, which is easy.
4. Elected officials and town staff really care about the town. Seriously, they really care.
5. Young people stop wearing flip-flops only when there is snow, several inches of snow.
6. Every storm occurring in Normal is "possibly severe," according to local meteorologists.
7. Eating out is a competitive sport.
8. Home owners are obsessed with using mulch and lawn chemicals.

There are probably many others but I don't want to scare anyone.

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