Sunday, May 2, 2010

Normal emails

Want to know which roads will be closed? Want to know what hot-button issues the Town Council will be discussing at their next meeting? You don't have to wait for The Pantagraph to find out! Just sign-up for automatic email notification! It is kind of disappointing to find out that the road that you usually take will be closed in the coming weeks (oh no, another email with "road closure" in the subject line!), but at least it saves you the hassle of trying to find a detour when you are running late. The Children's Discovery Museum seems to have the largest fan base. Poor Public Works -- only 15 fans! Won't you lift their spirits and request emails from them?

It's a great service. And if you're not sure about making a long-term commitment, you don't have to worry: you can remove your name from the list at any time. And they won't pester you with "Find us on Facebook" or "Follow Us on Twitter," at least, not yet...

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