Sunday, November 21, 2010

Normal Thanks Giving

There are so many things to complain about that distract me from all of the things directly around me that I should be thankful for, so I wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks for...
*clean air and water
*autumn (my favorite time of year)
*friendly, helpful people at local stores
*the abundance of products and services to choose from
*first responders and everyone who devote their lives to our safety and well-being
*great co-workers
*a wonderful town to live in
*town staff and elected officials who work to make this a wonderful town
*opportunities to help others
*technology that is used to improve life
*favorite authors who keep writing novels that I enjoy
*all of the people who do the behind-the-scenes work that makes life better
*chocolate :)


[Not a complete list, by any means, and the items are not in any particular order.]

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