Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Normal to Jesse: Happy 202nd Birthday!

Today, November 10, is Jesse Fell's birthday. Jesse Fell played a significant role in Normal's history. Everyone in Normal should do something today in recognition of Fell's contributions to this town: plant a tree, take a stroll around the ISU campus, visit the new statue of Fell, Davis, and Lincoln that is in front of the Center for the Performing Arts (in Bloomington), or drive down Fell Ave. and honk your horn in celebration. (Just kidding! I wouldn't want to upset the residents along that street.)

Jesse Fell has no Facebook page, Twitter account, or silly nickname like J-Fell. We can just think about him as a founding member of this community and imagine what his life was like as he played out his role in the history of Normal.

Happy Birthday, Jesse Fell!

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