Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Normal Postings

I decided to do a web search for “Normal, Illinois.” I didn’t look through the entire list of 2,900,000 entries because after I got to 600, there was a lot of repetition and my eyes were tired of scanning the list. Among the usual business entries were some interesting finds. One was a link to information about a book coming out this fall called Not Normal, Illinois, edited by Michael Martone. Another link took me to a humorous, sarcastic description of Normal, including comments about where to eat, the local media, and, of course, the name of the town. There was also a snarky comment about the local cable broadcast of Normal Town Council meetings: “as entertaining as watching cheese mould.” What?!!

There were also links to information about singles in Normal. Why someone in their 20s would need to advertise on a dating web site is beyond me. Don’t they go out and socialize and meet people in person anymore? [Investigation of these sites was for research purposes only. No singles were harmed in the process.]

Just looking to see what people out there are saying about us.

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