Thursday, May 21, 2009


accelogrellow – speeding up when the traffic light has changed from green to yellow (which is only slightly more acceptable than “spedred” – speeding up even though the light has turned to red)

barrelization – the process of blocking off a construction area with orange striped barrels (also, barrelized) (As in "Oh great, now the block that I usually cut through is undergoing barrelization!")

cellears – people who are always holding a cell phone to their ear (As in "Yeah, that guy is a real cellear.")

curb apparel – the furniture placed out by the curb for garbage collection day (As in "Oh honey, look at that lovely curb apparel. Should we stop and check out the couch?")

family hour – the time spent talking to your family members while waiting to be seated at a local restaurant (As in "I spend quality time with my kids. They tell me about stuff during the family hour each Friday at _____." -- fill in name of favorite restaurant)

ilstupeds – ISU pedestrians (As in "Oh &!?$! Now I can't turn right because of all the ilstupeds crossing the street!")

Nupping – changing the name of an area to distinguish it from other, similar areas, a la “Uptown Normal” (As in "I heard that they're Nupping their subdivision; calling it Shining Vinyl Way so no one gets it confused with the other subdivisions.")

Sepchember – the fall month in which to apply lawn chemicals (not to be confused with Spraypril – the spring month in which to apply lawn chemicals)

temporary Starking – the parking of various Stark Excavating vehicles alongside construction projects (As in "I'm going to avoid that street from now on. Too much temporary Starking.")

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  1. These are really cute! Did downtown Normal "nup" itself into Uptown Normal?