Friday, May 8, 2009

TON Local Liquor Commission

I’m not sure why it’s called the Normal Local Liquor Commission. Is there a Normal National Liquor Commission? In any case, the Mayor and Town Council members serve on this Commission and have regular meetings four times a year but they also have special meetings (six in 2008). As of the end of last year, there were 51 liquor licenses in Normal, most of them being “Class A,” or packaged liquor. The second largest category was “Class D,” or full line liquor on premises. I think it would be interesting to compare number of liquor licenses per person for different communities. Don’t 51 licenses seem like a lot for Normal? Do businesses need to sell liquor to be successful here? Will the golf course attract more players now that liquor is sold there? There were also quite a few non-location specific licenses issued in 2008, including those for catering, outdoor gardens, and wine tasting.

Going back to the Normal Police Department 2008 Report and looking at alcohol-related incidents, there were 18 arrests for furnishing alcohol to a minor, 54 arrests for unlawful sale of alcohol, and 84 arrests for possession of open alcohol in public. There were also 12,606 total traffic tickets with DUIs in 2008 (the average for the past five years was 12,031).

What would Jesse Fell say??

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