Sunday, June 21, 2009

Normal 3rd Sunday Market

Another June, another trek to the 3rd Sunday Market at the Interstate Center. I decided to go in spite of the rainy weather. Either it’s rainy or it’s extremely hot – take your pick. The rain certainly didn’t reduce the size of the crowd. I threaded my way through the booths inside the main building and then headed outside to one of the “sheds” to see what was out there. I didn’t look at the rest of the outdoor booths because I found what I was looking for within 10 minutes (a new record for fast shopping!) and didn’t have much money left to spend. I’m always drawn to the wooden furniture and the small, unique items. And I enjoy seeing items that my family had when I was a kid, as well as items that I still use (which always makes me wonder whether I’m desecrating some valuable antique or I’m hopelessly stuck in the past). I think one reason that many people go to this market is because some of the stuff brings back memories.

I haven’t tried the food, though. The smell of fried everything kind of puts me off. But lots of people were eating, so I think the food vendors do quite well.

If you’ve never been to 3rd Sunday Market, I encourage you to go. Wear sunscreen and take money. Go early for more selection or go later and hope to get a better price. Just go and soak up the nostalgia (and the grease).

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