Monday, June 8, 2009

"Normal Illinois" Anagrams

Why look for anagrams of "Normal Illinois"? Why not? At, this request resulted in 11,329 anagrams, but only 1,000 were shown. Among them:

Similar Ill Noon

Similar Nil Loon

Liaison Ill Norm

Insomnia Rill Lo

Simian Lion Roll

Simian Loin Roll

Raisin Mill Loon

Raisin Loin Moll

Lanolin Limo Sir

Lanolin Oils Rims

Mail Rill Onions

Monorail Ill Sin

Monorail Ill Ins

Marlin Lion Silo

Snails Million Or

Slain Million Or

Rail Millions No (reference to trains?)

Lair Mill Onions

Rails Million No

Mall Sirloin Ion (reference to restaurants?)

Saloon Mini Rill

A Sirloin in Moll

A Mini Loins Roll (no comment...)

Similar Ill No No (must be referring to state government)

Ail Ill In Morons

Nominal I Rill So

Lain I Limos Lorn (sounds poetic, doesn't it?)

Snail Rill In Moo

Lots of onions, lions or loins, some morons, lanolin, liars, and a saloon. Not sure what that says about Normal, Illinois. Make of it what you will.

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