Monday, June 15, 2009

Normal Slogan?

Should Normal have a slogan? If so, it could refer to Normal being a “twin city”:
“The Smarter Twin”

Or it could refer to the name of the town:
“Surprisingly Superior”
“Above Average, Plays Well With Others” (also a reference to education)

Or it could refer to the building and expansion of the town:
“Never the Same Place Twice”
“Not Your Parents’ Normal”
“Purposefully Progressive”

Or it could refer to Normal’s central location:
“The Middle of Everywhere” (my favorite)

If you like alliteration: “Graduating, Green, Growing”

Do people remember these slogans? Cities pay a lot to have someone create a slogan and put it into a design. There must be some benefit.

[Note: The Normal web site has the phrase "Committed to Service Excellence" but I see this as more of a mission statement than a PR-type slogan.]

1 comment:

  1. How about: Abnormally Normal.