Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Normal Not-Quite-So-Amazing Adventure

On the show “Amazing Race,” teams don’t know what to expect on each leg of the race. Will they have to deal with great heights or scary animals? Will they have to be brave or clever? Will they have to eat something disgusting or learn a difficult dance?

Going to the Normal Post Office is also an adventure, although not quite as extreme as AR experiences. Will there be huge construction vehicles blocking the street? Will the parking spaces still exist? Will I get there ahead of other racers -- I mean, customers going to the Post Office? And when I want to leave, will I be able to back out of the space or will they have started removing pavement while I was inside?

I hate to sound lazy, but wouldn’t it be nice if the Post Office had a drive-up window?


  1. the driveup mailboxes at the po are on the wrong side of the street and require drivers to exit car in traffic to drop off mail. be careful what you wish for!

  2. I visited the Bloomington PO today and was impressed with the clerk, Joleene (yes, unusual spelling), who was quite polite and friendly.